Top Indie Games For 2018

The year 2017 has had a wide range of exciting indie games but the year 2018 also has plenty of indie games to look forward. Things may get quite daunting if you do not know where to start but that in mind, the following are some of the top indie games which you can play this year:


Inside runs of platforms like PS4, Xbox One and PC and you can buy them from Amazon, PlayStation Store, GOG, Stream etc. The game is a puzzle platformer which has excellent gameplay and a brilliant story. You will be playing the game as a young boy who will be breaking into a facility which is under cover of darkness, and you will uncover more mysterious things as you play the game. You will have to figure out how to climb the wall, evade the enemy and even activate a mechanism to fight the enemy. The game gets better and mysterious as you play and the climax is one of the best parts of the game.

The Last Night:

The last night is a cinematic platform game which takes place in the cyberpunk world. Mechanics waits the ruling class of this game, and the lower class have a bitter life surviving in the ghettos. You will have to play the game by making smart choices and solving puzzles. The last night has a bright looking background, and it is available for PC, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One.


Firewatch is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux platforms and you can buy them from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Steam and GOG. The game is about a volunteer who is in the United States National Park, and he is supposed to watch out for fires in the forest during summer time. There is another volunteer named Delilah at the radio station in the next tower, and the game is about exploring various things and the volunteer’s relationship with Delilah.

Papers, Please:

Papers, Please is a brilliant game where you are an immigration officer who is stationed at border control and your job is to view the details of the passports, visas and you are in-charge of allowing people into the country and also find out the fake details on the passports. With the wages you are given you are supposed to buy medicine, food, clothes and other things for your family. The game has brilliant situations where you will have to decide on morality issues. For example, will you turn down a refugee who is seeking asylum or separate a husband and wife as one of their visas has been expired. By doing the right thing and following the rules, you will be paid more but will you have the mind to do justice to the people who seek out to you.

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