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Mr Bree is a brilliant platformer and a sidescroller game which is filled with adventure, great visuals and music effects. The game is about a pig named Mr Bree who sets out on an adventures trip to find his family. Mr Bree has to face so many challenges and trials to finally get back to his family. The game has excellent controls, and the background designs are quite different and exciting. There are plenty of options where you can collect many items in the game and unlock secret levels. With that being said, the game is super fun to play, and you will find that most of the levels are challenging and you will have to work your way to help Mr Bree get back to his family.

The story of Mr Bree:

Mr Bree is a householder family pig who once lived happily with his family until a group of wild boars had taken Mr Bree as a captive. These wild boars start to torture Mr Bree in such a way that Mr Bree begins to forget about his family in the pain and trauma. But one day Mr Bree escapes from these torturing wild boars and is on a mission to get back to his family. But as he has forgotten many things about his family he has to remember his movement skills and return home to his wife and son who will be waiting for him. The game is beautifully designed in a way that it is up to the player to help Mr Bree to recover his movement skills and enable him to face all the revelations. The story goes on how Mr Bree will have to face many challenges and tribulations in his journey to find his home and family.

Features of the game:

Mr Bree has 60 challenging levels, and each level is harder and trickier than the previous one. You also have 15 secret levels which you can unlock if you collect various things in the game. The secret levels help you to unveil the dark past of Mr Bree and all the tribulations he had to face before he escaped from the wild boars.

The game is filled with fun and exciting challenges, and it gives you the satisfaction of helping a family pig to reunite with its family after its struggle with the wild boars. The game also has excellent music and other scenarios which will capture your minds for days.

The colour palette of the game changes if you happen to die for a certain number of times. The game has a bright and clear background in the beginning, and after you die a couple of times, the colour palette gets gloomy and darker, and this can get quite disturbing for some players. Sometimes it can remind of your failures and changing backgrounds can many you feel sad and angry. Read More

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