Game Review: Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is a role-playing game that was published and developed by Square Enix for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The game is an action based battle system where a bunch of Japanese teenagers fight gigantic monsters to protect the kingdom that is in danger. The game has a brilliant thematic depth and cultural depth. The characters in the game are allowed to use various weapons, combats systems and even magic to destroy the monsters they are fighting.


The game takes place in a fictional world named Eos. The kingdom of Lucis is threatened, and Niflheim has seized the kingdom. Noctis Lucis Caelum, who is the heir to the throne to the Lucis Kingdom, goes on a quest to get back his homeland. But later he discovers that he has a bigger role than this, and that is to prevent an apocalyptic event from taking place in the world.

Eos has three continents namely Lucis, Accordo, and Niflheim. Lucis is a kingdom which possesses the magical crystal which was gifted to the kingdom by many deities and it can be accessed through the Ring of Lucii. For many centuries these kingdoms have been at war with each other, but the kingdom of Lucii has never been captured as it has the magical crystal which protects the Kingdom. The crystal creates a magical wall which keeps the army of the other kings by the bay. Finally to sign a peace treaty the two kingdoms decide to get the prince and princesses of the two kingdoms to get married. The arrangement was between Prince Noctis of the realm of Lucis and Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae.

The game begins when Prince Noctis and his friends are on their way to the capital city of Altissia, where he is supposed to wed the princess but on the way he gets the news that Niflheim had attacked the city and had stolen the crystal. Thus it is up to Notis and his friends to rescue the crystal and take back the throne with their unique set of skills and other powers. The game is brilliantly designed where the players not only have to fight the monsters in the day but also learn to cook, explore the open world of Eos by car, foot and many other cool things.

Combat and other features:

The combat in the game is brilliant, and each action is very detailed. The players can use magic, weapons and summons. You are allowed to use the wait mode when things get too hectic where you can slow things down so that you can fight your enemy and even cast magic. As you battle various monsters, you will have to use the strength of your squad and combine magic with weapons for special powers. Each character of the game will have a unique ability to fight, and thus you will have to work as a team to capture the throne.

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