Game Review: Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is a role-playing game that was published and developed by Square Enix for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The game is an action based battle system where a bunch of Japanese teenagers fight gigantic monsters to protect the kingdom that is in danger. The game has a brilliant thematic depth […]

Mr Bree+

Mr Bree is a brilliant platformer and a sidescroller game which is filled with adventure, great visuals and music effects. The game is about a pig named Mr Bree who sets out on an adventures trip to find his family. Mr Bree has to face so many challenges and trials to finally get back to […]

Mr Bree Pig

Mr Bree+ Review

Are you up for a real hardcore platformer?! Do you have what it takes? Mr. Bree+ is a sidescroller adventure game about a householder family pig captured by wild boars and sent to work as a captive. Tired of that, Mr. Bree decides to run away! During his escape, Mr. Bree had a trauma and […]