Best Game Trailers

Game trailers are something which kindles the curiosity in you and makes you want to know more about the game. Some trailers turn out to be excellent just like the game, but some provide you will too much expectation and the game might not be good enough. However, trailers are created in-order to plant a sneaky emotion in you so that you will play the game when it gets released in the market.

The following are some of the best game trailers:

Star Citizen:

The trailer of star citizen starts off with a flying spaceship and texts at the bottom which says imagine if you could be whoever you wanted and then they show you the players of the game dressed in suits with inspirational music at the background which kindles you to follow your passion.


The trailer of Anthem has a brilliant opening where you can see huge robots walking among human communities, and they are not pretty much bothered about it. A person comes to you can say that there is big trouble. The narration then begins saying how two players need to set out on an expedition to protect humanity and explore the unknown.

Long Live the Queen:

The trailer presents a narration of the player who is playing the game and they also get across the game pretty well. They show about three princesses in which one is a kind-hearted lady who tries to avoid war at any cost, and everything she does makes her people love her. The second princess avoids any social situations, and she is scared of dying. The third princess is more diplomatic and guiding in character. She makes good decisions, but she ends up eating some chocolate which is poisoned and ends up dead.


The ancestors’ trailer has a dark background where a group of people are fighting against the storm in the sea, and fireballs are flying in the sky attacking the ships. As the ship reaches the shore, just like the olden days battle people start to fight each other with axes and swords. The trailer is quite violent, and the atmosphere is kept dark the entire time.

The Division:

The trailer begins with eerie music of a Christmas carol, and narration in a deep voice of the story begins about how disaster always leaves you in distress. The notation goes on to say how fragile all of us are and when the narration slowly dulls down you hear a woman crying and a man begging her. The narration again begins, and you can feel the dark emotion and atmosphere that fills the room and your heart as you want it. They show how tragedy is invisible and how people run away from it. Finally, they show the character of the game saying that his purpose is part of that tragedy and how there will be someone to pick you up when you fall. Know More

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